Bespoke Terms and Conditions

More than 80% of UK companies offer credit accounts.

Nearly 20% of all businesses have a major problem with late payment.

60% of small businesses say late payment is a problem with the average amount being overdue £38,186 (2013).

One in every four companies spend more than 10 hours a week chasing payment.

Nearly 25% of all insolvencies are blamed on late payment or non-payment.

Is your business properly protected?

In our role as debt recovery agents, we see companies suffer losses every week.   From poisonous, slow payment to sudden, unexpected client liquidations.   The losses can be commercially devastating, even terminal.

But just like putting on your seat belt before you drive a car, you can minimise the risk simply by having adequate protection in place.

We have the answer.   Identifying the need, we now have our own specialist Ts & Cs expert who will write bespoke, industry-specific Ts & Cs for maximum business protection at a suprisingly affordable price, helping you avoid:

* slow payment

* losing all the invoice value because of non-payment

* losing the goods you’ve supplied when you attempt recovery

* contractual disputes

* client-initiated legal action

* prosecution under the Data Protection Act

Make sure your company is adequately protected before a major loss.

Please contact us for details.