Debt Collection

Debt collection is increasingly becoming a major part of our business.

Slow payment can squeeze the lifeblood out of any business, especially in the current economic climate.

If you already have debts to be collected, we can of course help with our personal and courteous approach, usually with a visit to the debtor’s office.   We fully understand that in many circumstances, you need to collect money whilst maintaining a good customer relationship.

Quite often, a personal, firm but polite visit from a professional third party company is all that’s needed to obtain payment.   But if it’s not, we can take it further for you, and we have an excellent recovery record.

Good Terms and Conditions of trading (Ts & Cs) are essential for commercial business relationships and are there to be relied on  when collecting debt.   If yours are not up to date, are insufficient or even if you don’t have any at all (this is actually quite common) our specialist Ts & Cs expert can help (see Bespoke Terms and Conditions).

We offer a FREE Ts & Cs appraisal.