High Court Enforcement

Working with our HCE partners, we can offer you nationwide High Court Enforcement services.

Less expensive and far more effective than ordinary salaried 9-5 County Court bailiffs, High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) are the preferred choice for professional and speedy debt recovery.

We can upgrade your CCJs to the High Court for a small fee; uniquely, ALL OUR SUBSEQUENT CHARGES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DEBTOR and are automatically added to the sum to be recovered.*

We can collect money owed from as long as 6 years ago, as long as it’s over £600.

Boasting an excellent, nationwide success rate, our High Court Enforcement Officers use special entry powers authorised by the Ministry of Justice and will go to extraordinary lengths and work extraordinary hours to recover your money, whilst always being polite and courteous.

Please contact us if we can help.

*If we are completely unsuccessful in recovery, the creditor would be liable for a one-off ‘abortive charge’ of £75 + VAT.