National Process Serving

When it comes to Service, we really do excel.   Our investigation foundations provide us with fully authorised access to a myriad of databases.   This, together with our links with other enforcement agencies, ensures we work with maximum efficiency.

Our normal times for Service are between 7.30am and 9.00pm, but we are happy to serve at any time as instructed.   Courteous and polite at all times, we’re proud of our professional appearance and unless the situation dictates otherwise, we’re always smartly dressed in business suits and ties.

Our clients tell us however, that the main difference between ourselves and ordinary Process Servers is our passion and determination to get the job done – our pride and commitment dictates that even under the most difficult of circumstances, we will always do our absolute best to achieve Service, including doorstep neighbourhood enquiries and multiple visits at different times on different days.

We realise that accuracy and presentation are important to our clients and therefore we make absolutely sure all of our Affidavits are perfect – or your money back.   We can assure you that all of our work is of the highest quality.

And you can also be assured that this quality is replicated throughout the country, with every one of our offices working to the same high standards and fully in accordance with our published code of practice.

Based in Fordingbridge, we cover the BH, DT, PO, SO and SP postcodes ourselves.   Our office network provides nationwide Service at the same fixed fee, which means you don’t have to worry or waste time finding a Process Server you’ve never used before in unfamiliar parts of the country.   You have one point of contact for all of your UK requirements – us.

Incidentally, we specialise in urgent Service, for instance, Non-molestation Orders.   Other services we are happy to provide include High Court Enforcementtracing and surveillance.

You’d think that all of these extra benefits would cost more than normal.   Not so.   Our prices are very competitive and we offer an introductory discount for new clients.   Why not give us a try?